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Introduction to cfbfastR

Getting started with using cfbfastR and college football analytics.

Making Animated Win Probability Charts with cfbfastR

Step-by-step walk-through of the process of adapting Lee Sharpe’s win probability charts to college football using data from collected using the cfbfastR package for R.

Creating Fourth Down Tendency Plots Using cfbfastR

A rundown of the Big XII returning coaches fourth down tendencies

Rolling EPA Graph

^To be said in an extremely Power Rangers voice^

Visualizing Team Talent from Player Recruiting Rankings

A quick way to visually approximate how much talent each school recruited using cfbfastR and ggplot2.

Intro to Visualizing Recruiting Geography

Expected Points Model Fundamentals

College Football Expected Points Model Fundamentals - Part I

Expected points model definition - a model explainer

College Football Expected Points Model Fundamentals - Part II

Motivating the regression - I do bad regression to show that a multinomial logistic regression model is necessary

College Football Expected Points Model Fundamentals - Part III

A brief history of expected points models. Learn about Virgil Carter’s 1970 paper and the origins of the nflscrapR expected points model (which the cfbscrapR package used). The cfbfastR package includes support for this model as well.

CFBD Tutorials

CFB Data Betting Lines Examples

Get betting lines information for games using cfbd_betting_lines()

CFB Data Games Examples

Provides access to game-level team (cfbd_game_team_stats()) and player (cfbd_game_player_stats()) standard box scores, as well as team-level advanced box scores (cfbd_game_box_advanced()). Also useful for looking up game information (cfbd_game_info()), broadcast details (cfbd_game_media()), and team records/results information (cfbd_game_records()).

CFB Data Plays Examples

Using the CFB Data Plays Endpoint to pull down the 2020 season by week using cfbd_plays()

CFB Data Recruiting Examples

Accessing 247Sports composite recruiting data through the CFBD API using cfbd_recruiting_player() for Player Rankings, cfbd_recruiting_team() for Team Rankings and cfbd_recruiting_position() for Position Group metrics

CFB Data Stats Examples

Settling 2019 LSU and 2013 Florida State offense debates using Team and Player Stats from the CFBD API

CFB Data Teams Examples

Get team rosters (cfbd_team_rosters()), talent (cfbd_team_talent()) and team matchup history (cfbd_team_matchup_history()) and records (cfbd_team_matchup_records()) from the CFBD API