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Get results information from games.


  week = NULL,
  season_type = "regular",
  team = NULL,
  home_team = NULL,
  away_team = NULL,
  conference = NULL,
  division = "fbs",
  game_id = NULL,
  quarter_scores = FALSE



(Integer required): Year, 4 digit format(YYYY)


(Integer optional): Week - values from 1-15, 1-14 for seasons pre-playoff (i.e. 2013 or earlier)


(String default regular): Select Season Type: regular, postseason, or both


(String optional): D-I Team


(String optional): Home D-I Team


(String optional): Away D-I Team


(String optional): Conference abbreviation - Select a valid FBS conference Conference abbreviations P5: ACC, B12, B1G, SEC, PAC Conference abbreviations G5 and FBS Independents: CUSA, MAC, MWC, Ind, SBC, AAC


(String optional): Division abbreviation - Select a valid division: fbs/fcs/ii/iii


(Integer optional): Game ID filter for querying a single game


(Logical default FALSE): This is a parameter to return the list columns that give the score at each quarter: home_line_scores and away_line_scores. I have defaulted the parameter to false so that you will not have to go to the trouble of dropping it.


cfbd_game_info() - A data frame with 22 variables:

game_id: integer.

Referencing game id.

season: integer.

Season of the game.

week: integer.

Game week.

season_type: character.

Season type of the game.

start_date: character.

Game date.

start_time_tbd: logical.

TRUE/FALSE flag for if the game's start time is to be determined.

neutral_site: logical.

TRUE/FALSE flag for the game taking place at a neutral site.

conference_game: logical.

TRUE/FALSE flag for this game qualifying as a conference game.

attendance: integer.

Reported attendance at the game.

venue_id: integer.

Referencing venue id.

venue: character.

Venue name.

home_id: integer.

Home team referencing id.

home_team: character.

Home team name.

home_conference: character.

Home team conference.

home_division: character.

Home team division.

home_points: integer.

Home team points.

home_post_win_prob: character.

Home team post-game win probability.

home_pregame_elo: character.

Home team pre-game ELO rating.

home_postgame_elo: character.

Home team post-game ELO rating.

away_id: integer.

Away team referencing id.

away_team: character.

Away team name.

away_conference: character.

Away team conference.

away_division: character.

Away team division.

away_points: integer.

Away team points.

away_post_win_prob: character.

Away team post-game win probability.

away_pregame_elo: character.

Away team pre-game ELO rating.

away_postgame_elo: character.

Away team post-game ELO rating.

excitement_index: character.

Game excitement index.

highlights: character.

Game highlight urls.

notes: character.

Game notes.


# \donttest{
  try(cfbd_game_info(2018, week = 7, conference = "Ind"))
#> ── Game information from ───────────── cfbfastR 1.9.3 ──
#>  Data updated: 2022-09-23 03:23:07 UTC
#> # A tibble: 5 × 30
#>     game_id season  week seaso…¹ start…² start…³ neutr…⁴ confe…⁵ atten…⁶ venue…⁷
#>       <int>  <int> <int> <chr>   <chr>   <lgl>   <lgl>   <lgl>     <int>   <int>
#> 1 401013452   2018     7 regular 2018-1… NA      FALSE   FALSE     17389    3992
#> 2 401013148   2018     7 regular 2018-1… NA      FALSE   FALSE     77622    3855
#> 3 401013370   2018     7 regular 2018-1… NA      TRUE    FALSE     15627    4738
#> 4 401013442   2018     7 regular 2018-1… NA      FALSE   FALSE     18131    3666
#> 5 401016408   2018     7 regular 2018-1… NA      FALSE   FALSE     52354    3801
#> # … with 20 more variables: venue <chr>, home_id <int>, home_team <chr>,
#> #   home_conference <chr>, home_division <chr>, home_points <int>,
#> #   home_post_win_prob <chr>, home_pregame_elo <int>, home_postgame_elo <int>,
#> #   away_id <int>, away_team <chr>, away_conference <chr>, away_division <chr>,
#> #   away_points <int>, away_post_win_prob <chr>, away_pregame_elo <int>,
#> #   away_postgame_elo <int>, excitement_index <chr>, highlights <chr>,
#> #   notes <lgl>, and abbreviated variable names ¹​season_type, ²​start_date, …
# }