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Get season advanced statistics by team


  team = NULL,
  excl_garbage_time = FALSE,
  start_week = NULL,
  end_week = NULL



(Integer required): Year, 4 digit format (YYYY)


(String optional): D-I Team


(Logical default FALSE): Select whether to exclude Garbage Time (TRUE/FALSE)


(Integer optional): Starting Week - values range from 1-15, 1-14 for seasons pre-playoff, i.e. 2013 or earlier


(Integer optional): Ending Week - values range from 1-15, 1-14 for seasons pre-playoff, i.e. 2013 or earlier


cfbd_stats_season_advanced() - A data frame with 81 variables:

season: integer.

Season of the statistics.

team: character.

Team name.

conference: character.

Conference of the team.

off_plays: integer.

Offense plays in the game.

off_drives: integer.

Offense drives in the game.

off_ppa: double.

Offense predicted points added (PPA).

off_total_ppa: double.

Offense total predicted points added (PPA).

off_success_rate: double.

Offense success rate.

off_explosiveness: double.

Offense explosiveness rate.

off_power_success: double.

Offense power success rate.

off_stuff_rate: double.

Offense rushing stuff rate.

off_line_yds: double.

Offensive line yards.

off_line_yds_total: integer.

Offensive line yards total.

off_second_lvl_yds: double.

Offense second-level yards.

off_second_lvl_yds_total: integer.

Offense second-level yards total.

off_open_field_yds: integer.

Offense open field yards.

off_open_field_yds_total: integer.

Offense open field yards total.

off_total_opportunities: integer.

Offense opportunities.

off_pts_per_opp: double.

Offense points per scoring opportunity.

off_field_pos_avg_start: double.

Offense starting average field position.

off_field_pos_avg_predicted_points: double.

Offense starting average field position predicted points (PP).

off_havoc_total: double.

Offense havoc rate total.

off_havoc_front_seven: double.

Offense front-7 havoc rate.

off_havoc_db: double.

Offense defensive back havoc rate.

off_standard_downs_rate: double.

Offense standard downs rate.

off_standard_downs_ppa: double.

Offense standard downs predicted points added (PPA).

off_standard_downs_success_rate: double.

Offense standard downs success rate.

off_standard_downs_explosiveness: double.

Offense standard downs explosiveness rate.

off_passing_downs_rate: double.

Offense passing downs rate.

off_passing_downs_ppa: double.

Offense passing downs predicted points added (PPA).

off_passing_downs_success_rate: double.

Offense passing downs success rate.

off_passing_downs_explosiveness: double.

Offense passing downs explosiveness rate.

off_rushing_plays_rate: double.

Offense rushing plays rate.

off_rushing_plays_ppa: double.

Offense rushing plays predicted points added (PPA).

off_rushing_plays_total_ppa: double.

Offense rushing plays total predicted points added (PPA).

off_rushing_plays_success_rate: double.

Offense rushing plays success rate.

off_rushing_plays_explosiveness: double.

Offense rushing plays explosiveness rate.

off_passing_plays_rate: double.

Offense passing plays rate.

off_passing_plays_ppa: double.

Offense passing plays predicted points added (PPA).

off_passing_plays_total_ppa: double.

Offense passing plays total predicted points added (PPA).

off_passing_plays_success_rate: double.

Offense passing plays success rate.

off_passing_plays_explosiveness: double.

Offense passing plays explosiveness rate.

def_plays: integer.

Defense plays in the game.

def_drives: integer.

Defense drives in the game.

def_ppa: double.

Defense predicted points added (PPA).

def_total_ppa: double.

Defense total predicted points added (PPA).

def_success_rate: double.

Defense success rate.

def_explosiveness: double.

Defense explosiveness rate.

def_power_success: double.

Defense power success rate.

def_stuff_rate: double.

Defense rushing stuff rate.

def_line_yds: double.

Defense Offensive line yards allowed.

def_line_yds_total: integer.

Defense Offensive line yards total allowed.

def_second_lvl_yds: double.

Defense second-level yards.

def_second_lvl_yds_total: integer.

Defense second-level yards total.

def_open_field_yds: integer.

Defense open field yards.

def_open_field_yds_total: integer.

Defense open field yards total.

def_total_opportunities: integer.

Defense opportunities.

def_pts_per_opp: double.

Defense points per scoring opportunity.

def_field_pos_avg_start: double.

Defense starting average field position.

def_field_pos_avg_predicted_points: double.

Defense starting average field position predicted points (PP).

def_havoc_total: double.

Defense havoc rate total.

def_havoc_front_seven: double.

Defense front-7 havoc rate.

def_havoc_db: double.

Defense defensive back havoc rate.

def_standard_downs_rate: double.

Defense standard downs rate.

def_standard_downs_ppa: double.

Defense standard downs predicted points added (PPA).

def_standard_downs_success_rate: double.

Defense standard downs success rate.

def_standard_downs_explosiveness: double.

Defense standard downs explosiveness rate.

def_passing_downs_rate: double.

Defense passing downs rate.

def_passing_downs_ppa: double.

Defense passing downs predicted points added (PPA).

def_passing_downs_success_rate: double.

Defense passing downs success rate.

def_passing_downs_explosiveness: double.

Defense passing downs explosiveness rate.

def_rushing_plays_rate: double.

Defense rushing plays rate.

def_rushing_plays_ppa: double.

Defense rushing plays predicted points added (PPA).

def_rushing_plays_total_ppa: double.

Defense rushing plays total predicted points added (PPA).

def_rushing_plays_success_rate: double.

Defense rushing plays success rate.

def_rushing_plays_explosiveness: double.

Defense rushing plays explosiveness rate.

def_passing_plays_rate: double.

Defense passing plays rate.

def_passing_plays_ppa: double.

Defense passing plays predicted points added (PPA).

def_passing_plays_total_ppa: double.

Defense passing plays total predicted points added (PPA).

def_passing_plays_success_rate: double.

Defense passing plays success rate.

def_passing_plays_explosiveness: double.

Defense passing plays explosiveness rate.


# \donttest{
   try(cfbd_stats_season_advanced(2019, team = "LSU"))
#> ── Advanced season stats from ──────── cfbfastR 1.9.3 ──
#>  Data updated: 2022-09-23 03:23:44 UTC
#> # A tibble: 1 × 81
#>   season team  confere…¹ off_p…² off_d…³ off_ppa off_t…⁴ off_s…⁵ off_e…⁶ off_p…⁷
#>    <int> <chr> <chr>       <int>   <int>   <dbl>   <dbl>   <dbl>   <dbl>   <dbl>
#> 1   2019 LSU   SEC          1093     197   0.420    459.   0.557    1.26   0.742
#> # … with 71 more variables: off_stuff_rate <dbl>, off_line_yds <dbl>,
#> #   off_line_yds_total <int>, off_second_lvl_yds <dbl>,
#> #   off_second_lvl_yds_total <int>, off_open_field_yds <dbl>,
#> #   off_open_field_yds_total <int>, off_total_opportunities <int>,
#> #   off_pts_per_opp <dbl>, off_field_pos_avg_start <dbl>,
#> #   off_field_pos_avg_predicted_points <dbl>, off_havoc_total <dbl>,
#> #   off_havoc_front_seven <dbl>, off_havoc_db <dbl>, …
# }