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The goal of cfbfastR is to provide the community with an R package for working with CFB data. It is an R API wrapper around Beyond data aggregation and tidying ease, one of the multitude of services that cfbfastR provides is for benchmarking open-source expected points and win probability metrics.


You can install the CRAN version of cfbfastR with:


You can install the released version of cfbfastR from GitHub with:

# You can install using the pacman package using the following code:
if (!requireNamespace('pacman', quietly = TRUE)){
pacman::p_load_current_gh("sportsdataverse/cfbfastR", dependencies = TRUE, update = TRUE)

Breaking Changes

Full News on Releases

College Football Data API Keys

The CollegeFootballData API now requires an API key, here’s a quick run-down:


Save the script and restart your RStudio session, by clicking Session (in between Plots and Build) and click Restart R (there also exists the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F10 to restart your session). If set correctly, from then on you should be able to use any of the cfbd_ functions without any other changes.

  • For less consistent usage: At the beginning of every session or within an R environment, save your API key as the environment variable CFBD_API_KEY (with quotations) using a command like the following.

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To cite the cfbfastR R package in publications, use:

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